An extremely fast growing threat surface with s diversity of attack vectors, the asymmetry between attackers and defenders, billions of connected IoT devices and mostly reactive detection and mitigation approaches represent a huge challenge for today’s cybersecurity. Mission critical importance of cybersecurity requires huge investments and coordinated efforts.

CONCORDIA connects more than 40 universities, businesses and other partners across industries in order to tackle European cybersecurity risks. The vision of the consortium is to build a European cyber cluster with strong cooperation between all stakeholders and develop next-generation cybersecurity solutions by taking a holistic end-to-end data-driven approach.

As a technology leader in network monitoring and security solutions, Flowmon participates in CONCORDIA’s projects WP1 (European Secure, Resilient and Trusted Ecosystem) and WP2 (Work package 2: Industrial Domains and Sector-Specific Pilots)

image source: CONCORDIA