Flowmon 8.01 and DDoS Defender 3.0 are releases we can be really proud of. Decrease of granularity to 30 sec has a massive effect, especially in use cases where the reduction of reaction time is desired, e.g. detection of anomalies and threats, mitigation of DDoS attacks or identification of operational issues. “Personally, I consider these two releases revolutionary for our customers. Flowmon 8.01 is built on the new architecture of flow data storage and comes with the stream processing of flow data. This significantly improves granularity of flow collection and rapidly shortens troubleshooting time in many important cases that network and security engineers are facing every day,” says Pavel Minarik, CTO of Flowmon Networks.


When dealing with security threats and operational issues, every second counts. According to Gartner’s industry surveys, the cost of a network downtime is $5,600 p/minute in average.

Flowmon 8.01 provides customers with certainty that they do not waste valuable time and that they can react as quick as possible. 


DDoS Defender 3.0 brings near real-time attack detection

The detection of DDoS attack and its fast mitigation are crucial for internet service providers or MSSPs who protect their customers. DDoS Defender 3.0 takes advantage from Flowmon 8.01 and detects DDoS attacks in near real-time.


"The DDoS Defender detects an attack in the first minute since its start, actually it could be within the seconds in practice. This is really on the edge of flow-based detection technology. What more, the Defender now supports BGP Flowspec which enables to mitigate volumetric attacks without the need of having a scrubbing center in place which safe the customer’s costs," says Lubos Lunter, Product Manager of Flowmon solution. Attacks are mitigated by dynamic signature created by DDoS Defender directly by routers that support BGP Flowspec.


There are many other cool new features in Flowmon 8.01 and DDoS Defender.