NaWas is the first ever cooperative anti-DDoS Scrubbing Center. It represents a non-profit institution providing its members on-demand DDoS protection. “DDoS attacks are a serious, everyday problem in Benelux. NaWas is built on idea that a group of subjects with the same goal is much stronger than an individual. NaWas represents an alternative for ISP’s, hosting companies and generally any subject who is not able, or simply can’t afford appropriate DDoS protection for its customers,” explains Pim van Stam at NaWas.

NaWas is a multi-vendor scrubbing center where the Flowmon solution ensures the analytics part of DDoS mitigation.  “In today’s world it is not that hard to get someone from the business. Attackers do not hide and almost anyone can buy a DDoS attack through a so called ‘booter’ or ‘IP stresser’ for a few bucks. NaWas is a unique and extremely valuable initiative. We are excited that NaWas has chosen a Flowmon Collector as a part of its protection ecosystem. It proves that our solution belongs to the top of the line tools in this segment,” says Frank Dupker, Country Manager of Flowmon Benelux.

NaWas was established in 2014 by the NBIP organisation and nowadays it has the biggest scrubbing capacity in Europe, configurable to mitigate attacks up to 900Gbps in volume. When the DDoS attack is launched, the traffic is redirected to NaWas which cleans the legitimate communication in a matter of a few minutes. This ensures that the ISP’s infrastructure is protected almost instantly and customers don’t lose money or suffer from reputation damages because of network unavailability.

“In 2015, NaWas successfully mitigated more than 700 DDoS attacks lasting from hours to a few days. We use the technology of top-notch vendors to protect the partners not only from high-volume attacks but also from dangerous slow and low attacks,” says Gerard Schaapman from Nawas.

Flowmon is the next generation network traffic monitoring tool leveraging statistics from routers or dedicated network probes with an advanced network traffic analysis for real time troubleshooting o operational issues and protection against modern cyber threats. The solution includes everything needed to get complete network traffic visibility and analysis: high-performance flow statistics generating probes for the monitoring of all types of networks up to 100 Gbps, powerful collectors to display and analyse network traffic and modules for advanced functions and analysis including Flowmon DDoS Defender.