The dynamic increase in the number of employees over the previous years stabilized in 2019, with reinforcement aimed predominantly at the business and development team. Investment in research and development projects in 2019 were the highest in the company's history as well as the number of projects carried out in collaboration with universities. Flowmon expects investment in development will continue to grow at the same pace in the coming years.

"We expect network traffic analysis to grow significantly in the coming years, especially taking into account the increasing demands on the operation and security of company infrastructure,” said Jiri Tobola, CEO at Flowmon Networks. “We are currently seeing a massive move of companies to the cloud and using services through the SaaS model. As a result, there is a growing demand for tools that can safeguard critical services across environments."

Over the course of the year, Flowmon has become the only Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics and Network Traffic Analysis solution available to customers from all of the most important cloud platforms – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform.

Other Milestones of 2019

  • Flowmon recorded a 47% increase in foreign sales compared to the previous year

  • From non-European countries, Japan showed the highest performance in sales

  • Slovakia became the most successful foreign market in Europe

  • Investments in US market saw a significant increase in new customers and partners Flowmon 10.3, ADS 10, DDoS Defender 4.5 were launched to the market

  • During the year Flowmon welcomed the thousandth customer

  • The partner and customer portal has been designed entirely from the ground up on a new and secure platform with significantly better functionality

The unique feature of the Flowmon solution to natively monitor on-premise environments, data centers, and private or public cloud, is one of the two reasons the company expects further growth in demand in the years to come. The second reason is the growing pressure on collaboration between network and security teams, which is where Flowmon offers a suitable solution with the best price-performance ratio in the industry for a consolidated view of network traffic, applications, and security incidents.