The axis of the team is made by newcomers Stuart Smith (Sales Engineer) and Darius Hamdani (Business Development Manager) and a former Flowmon’s Key Account Manager for the enterprise segment Filip Cerny (Business Development Manager) coordinating the team.

The new BDM team will be responsible for raising Flowmon’s brand awareness and developing relations with new customers in target industries, in close cooperation with UK channel partners, such as Xantaro, Infradata and Axians. “Based on current numbers, we are targeting a 500% year-to-year revenue growth in the UK. Because of this strong growth, we keep investing into local operations. I’m glad that we succeeded in hiring experts with many years of experience from large-scale projects and technical insight,” says Frank Dupker, VP of Sales EMEA at Flowmon Networks.

Flowmon Networks is an innovator in the field of high-performing network monitoring and security solutions. It is also recognized as one of the fastest growing tech companies according to Deloitte. “We want to get Flowmon recognized as a preferred NPMD and behavior analytics technology also by users in the United Kingdom,” comments Frank Dupker.

Flowmon helps internet service providers and enterprises to manage and secure their networks via advanced, flow-based network monitoring and behavior analysis technology utilizing machine learning. The solution helps IT professionals to ensure reliability and smooth run of critical business services and to secure business wealth against today’s cyber threats that bypass traditional protection.

“I've worked with many NPM, NPMD and APM solutions and they have always been a mix of separate tools meaning there is no link between network, application or analytical data. Many of the clients spend hours gathering data from different solutions from different vendors meaning that 'mean time to resolution' (MTTR) took days and sometimes weeks. With Flowmon users have the ability to view NPM, APM, Anomaly and DDoS mitigation metrics from one single console,” comments Stuart Smith.

The team will also participate in key industry events, as the R3 Summit 2017 in London.