Today, both customers and businesses depend on the internet as a single channel for service delivery. ISPs, enterprises and data centres need to maintain high availability to continually deliver quality services. Downtime means an immediate drop in productivity and revenue loss. Even partial service speed degradation can lead to loss of reputation and loss of customer base.

The technology partnership between Flowmon and A10 gets together the fastest, flow data based detection of Flowmon and mitigation capabilities delivered by A10 TPS/ aGalaxy .

“Flow-based DDoS attack detection combined with multilayer out-of-path or cloud mitigation is a cost-effective alternative to traditional DDoS protection. The partnership between Flowmon and A10 Networks brings easy integration of detection and mitigation capabilities,” says Martin  Skoda ,  Product Manager at Flowmon Networks.

When Flowmon detects a DDoS attack, it configures the A10 Threat Detection System (TPS) or  aGalaxy. Based on the detection, traffic is redirected via BGP route injection into the A10 appliance which mitigates the attack through different levels of escalations. Cleaned traffic is sent to downstream routers. This enables legitimate traffic to continue unaffected.