Xantaro is a service integrator focusing on advanced cyber security solutions. Flowmon DDoS Defender offers an advanced DDoS detection significantly reducing number of false positives. Xantaro integrated Flowmon detection engine with its mitigation solution onto the switch(es) that detect the attack and within its integrated solution with A10 Networks Xantaro is now able to not only detect DDoS threats but also mitigate them. Flowmon also recognizes when an attack has stopped the mitigation is automatically lifted. Xantaro is now able to offer a unique solution to the overwhelming DDoS problems. 

About Xantaro

Xantaro is a vendor-independent Service Integrator focussing on carrier-class networks and services, cloud infrastructures and orchestration. Being the single point of contact towards numerous international technology leaders, Xantaro supports its customers locally in the sustained development of business critical networks and high-performance services, across technological and corporate boundaries.