The dynamics and diversity of today’s networks challenge the prevailing network monitoring approach. Facing an increase in network speeds, visibility gaps caused by migration to cloud, IoT and software defined networking, packet capture solutions struggle to bring expected results promptly and at a reasonable price.

“Packet capture solutions were designed at the time when the dynamics of today’s network environments would have been hard to imagine. Nowadays, they operate well in specific use cases, but they cannot cope with the flexibility, scalability and ease of use of flow data in most of the everyday use cases that network engineers face,” says Jiri Tobola, CEO at Flowmon Networks. “We have created documents, tools, marketing and sales processes to enable customers the shift from the legacy network monitoring paradigm to the one that fits the needs of a dynamic future.”

Flowmon is a network monitoring and diagnostics solution utilizing analysis of Enriched Flow Data, a combination of flow data (NetFlow & IPFIX), application visibility and performance metrics in one solution. It is a highly scalable solution for physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments supporting even 100G networks.

The critical use cases for network troubleshooting and diagnostics that have been traditionally reserved to continuous packet capture solutions are now achievable with Flowmon technology. This also includes resolution of service degradation, configuration issues, usage reporting, capacity planning, and QoS tracking. What is more, Flowmon enables the way to monitor east-west traffic, bringing overall control to the next level.

“By using Flowmon, network engineers can quickly pinpoint the root cause and start resolution. In very specific use cases when packet capture is needed, Flowmon identifies the demanded traffic and starts on demand packet capture. This massively shortens MTTR, storage resources and thus costs on network operations,” says Artur Kane, Technology Evangelist at Flowmon Networks.

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