Thanks to Flowmon APM TG you can easily check the proper run of the target http/https applications and get a comprehensive reporting about its performance. The solution simulates user behavior and tests the app based on preset scenarios and time plan.

Thanks to this, administrator can detect availability issues, wrong functions, unappropriate response times etc. Test scenarios can include simple clicking on the webpage but also advanced processes such as inserting data to forms etc. As a result, TG delivers SLA report which shows the webpage availability, responsiveness and records of all failures together with screenshots regularly based on user requirements.

Module is now available for download in Download section on Flowmon Support Portal. You will also need a licence key - just drop a line to our Support at (please identify your instalation via HW ID). If you want to get it, you do not need Flowmon APM module. Flowmon APM TG is available for everyone and can be installed on Flowmon Probe or Collector.