Cyber Security Awards recognizes not-for-profit organisations and start-up companies, as well as global leaders. Organisations and people from all over the world are eligible to submit applications, as long as they have a presence within the United Kingdom.


“To be nominated as a finalist is a great achievement as the competition this year is tough. As always, the judges are looking to reward high achievers within our industry and are looking for those who demonstrate passion and innovation, within cyber security,” said judge Karla Jobling.


Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is the next-generation network security tool. Its strength lies in the combination of flow-based (NetFlow) network traffic monitoring and sophisticated network behavior analysis technology. It is built on a premise that only a detailed awareness of what is happening in the network together with proactive detection and mitigation of cyber threats can give administrators control over the IT environment.


“The importance of network-layer security grows in time. When the threats are more and more sophisticated, traditional security solutions do not deliver sufficient level of security. Flowmon ADS fills the gaps left by other protection tools and helps security engineers to keep business wealth safe,” says Peter Springl, Director of Product and Strategic Alliances at Flowmon Networks.


The Cyber Security Awards has 10 expert judges, who represent a broad spectrum of different backgrounds and organisations with the cyber industry. Their scores and debate will determine the 2016 Cyber Security Awards winners. The winners will be announced and celebrated during the awards dinner and presentation on June 23rd 2016 at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel. The ceremony will be attended by the finalists, industry leaders, judges and sponsors.