Today’s threat actors employ continually changing strategies to avoid detection and hide malicious activity in victims’ infrastructure. To counter this, businesses need technology that finds indicators of compromise instead of relying on signatures, which are well-known and easily sidestepped. Indicators of compromise provide early warning and are present at every stage of infiltration, from reconnaissance and intrusion, to lateral movement and finally data exfiltration. Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS) provides security professionals with every piece of the incident puzzle and presents it as one clear picture to understand the scope and impact.

This new release completely redesigns the presentation of data to its users providing the ability to respond to threats more quickly without chasing false positives, allowing IT security personnel to greatly shorten incident resolution time.


“Flowmon ADS 10 derives meaning from the data noise. It presents a holistic view of the situation from the network perspective, enabling real-time threat hunting,” says Pavel Minarik, Chief Technology Officer at Flowmon Networks. “It enables to respond at early stages of attacks, whether it is a known or unknown malware or a targeted attack. What’s more, root-cause analysis and assessment of incident impact on infrastructure and services streamline cooperation with network teams to ensure a secure and healthy environment.”


Real-time Threat Hunting

Flowmon ADS 10 puts emphasis on utilizing as many data sources as possible to provide deeper analysis and easier visualization and 360 degree coverage. The benefits are significant for the security operations teams such as: 

  • Gain a holistic incident understanding to resolve incident with context awareness

  • Streamline threat detection, hunting, and response.

  • Reduce information noise by easily flagging false positives

  • Facilitate cooperation with network teams on incident resolution

  • Enable early-response through the use of machine learning, reputation feeds, and heuristics

Noiseless security insights in Flowmon ADS 10

Flowmon ADS is a network cyber security solution based on behavior anomaly detection technologies. Its advanced algorithms leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the ability to detect even the subtlest of changes in traffic as compared to the adaptive baseline highlighting the variance from normal behavior. Detections are based on dynamic techniques rather than dependence on signatures providing zero-day threat detection.