Equinix connects the world's leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most-interconnected data center network in 52 markets worldwide. With the goal to detect and counteract DDoS-attacks via the IPv6-protocol effectively, Equinix has selected Flowmon to protect its infrastructure.

"Flowmon was the first and only DDoS-solution that we actually field-tested, following the convincing experience of others with their technology," says Joost Westerbeek, IT Network Engineer at Equinix Netherlands. "The combination of a good performance/price ratio, our own experiences with Flowmon support and the extensive functionality were decisive factors in making our choice. Flowmon also provides the flexibility we need for a growing number of clients in, among others, the educational sector and healthcare sector and all of their security needs."

Equinix has deployed a Flowmon Collector and Flowmon DDoS Defender to the backbone of the Dutch datacenter. The solution combines advanced analysis of flow data (NetFlow/IPFIX) with machine learning for detecting attacks in real-time and diverting these automatically to an external 'scrubbing center', which is also based on the Flowmon solution.

image source: Equinix