Flowmon Networks has been awarded the first place by the professional jury of the Czech Goodwill Award in the Innovation category. “Beside of the hard data in profit and loss statement it is also important to see the non-financial value of the company. I’m glad that there is a recognition of such companies because there are quite a few of these in the Czech Republic,” says Rostislav Vocilka, CEO at Flowmon Networks. This year's winners were chosen from more than hundred nominees who were recommended by the public.

“Our goal is to constantly push the technological possibilities of network traffic visibility and create a successful Czech company, one that is a source of inspiration to the others,” adds Vocilka. Among this year’s winners were also recognized Madeta, Enika.cz and STEM/MARK. The Czech Goodwill Award is organized by HPCG, an advisory group providing complex business and marketing consulting services.

photo, source: HPCG, Český Goodwill 2016; MČ Praha 1