For Bábek, the qualification is exactly halfway through. But he still has five big races where he can seal his Olympic spot. He enters the final stage of the qualification with an old-time partner by his side - Flowmon Networks.

“We know how much heart and diligence he puts into his preparation and that is why we want to be there when Tomáš fulfils his big dream of an Olympic medal. We wish him good health and a lot of strength in the next part of the qualification. We believe that our support will help him on his way to Tokyo,” said Andrea Vaverková, Marketing Director at Flowmon Networks.

According to Tomáš Bábek we can look forward to a spectacular Olympic Games with great sports fans. Japanese are great fans and love any sports star. 


“It would be symbolic if I were to follow in the footsteps of my first great coach, Jiří Daler, who won Olympic gold in the individual pursuit race in Tokyo, and a person I greatly appreciate," said Tomáš Bábek about his Tokyo mission. “Success for me will be the final in keirin, but my humble dream is to bring a medal home from Tokyo,” he added.

Japan is symbolic for both Tomáš and Flowmon in many ways. Tomáš Bábek is one of the few cyclists in the world who was given the opportunity to take part in local keirin races, which by the way he did very well, and Flowmon has been enjoying success there too. The company has long been very fruitful in Japan with its challenging market. Since 2011, Flowmon has been working with its Japanese partner, ORIZON Systems, which has also been involved in the support of Tomáš Bábek. The best-known Japanese customers include Sega, Sakura and TDK.