Cybersecurity Tech Accord is the largest, and most international industry-led cybersecurity effort of its kind. Founded by Microsoft nearly a year ago, it is based on believe that no single company or technology can secure cyberspace alone so that collective action is needed. Flowmon has joined the commitment as an expert in advanced network security monitoring and behavior anomaly detection.

“The strength of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord comes from the breath of the group and the diversity of its signatories,” said Tom Burt, Corporate VP of Customer Security and Trust at Microsoft, in the official press release. “This last year has demonstrated that hardware and software developers, security companies and cloud providers, from all over the world realize the importance of acting responsibly in cyberspace, and that the principles that form the Cybersecurity Tech Accord truly capture the spirit and intent of the entire industry,” adds Tom Burt.

Since its launch in 2018, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord has collaborated on a series of initiatives including:

  • Engaging on initiatives aimed at increasing international peace and stability online

  • Increasing cybersecurity capacity building and skills

  • Reducing the number of online vulnerabilities

  • Promoting policy change to protect users and customers everywhere

  • Promoting effective cybersecurity practices and protocols

Find out more about Tech Accord, its principles and efforts, in this report and at official website.