The thirteenth annual competition organised by ComputerWorld magazine to find the IT product of the year proved very successful for Flowmon Networks. In the category ‘Security Solutions’, the award was won by Flowmon 10. This is now the third prestigious win for Flowmon from ComputerWorld. In 2015, Flowmon APM 2.0 took the award and Flowmon DDoS Defender a year later.

According to the organisers of the IT Product of the Year competition, the goal is to shine a spotlight on products with features that set them apart from their competitors in the same category. The evaluation puts emphasis on the positive differences from rival products and the benefits for the customer. Products can advance to the finale of the competition if they are innovative, offer interesting functional improvements, greatly simplify operations, or also, for instance, are great value for money.

Flowmon 10 delivers revolutionary enhancements and features in many ways to ensure reliable and secure enterprise services across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It brings several enterprise segment-focused features that help businesses from one location monitor and analyse network traffic in different, geographically different locations. The product detects and addresses internal threats, counters cyber threats that bypass traditional security tools, and also optimises IT costs. 

Overview of previous years’ winners can be viewed here.

photo: Jan Zavrel, IDG