CESNET Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence


CESNET, the Czech national research and education network (NREN) celebrates 20 years of its existence. Thanks to CESNET, a top-class research institution, Czech academia takes advantage of a cutting edge network connection.

Needles to say that there would be no Flowmon Networks and no Netcope Technologies without CESNET. Our founding fathers went through this organization and learned a lot through its projects. We are grateful for the continuous cooperation with Cesnet’s experts. Thanks for all what you have done in the field of high-performance computer network technology! We wish you even more years of excellence! Check out the photo below reminding our teambuilding with CESNET.

Last year we have started a joint project with CESNET called "400G". Our goal is to develop the world’s first device that supports speeds of 400 Gbps to protect the high-speed networks of operators and internet service providers against cyber threats. Learn more...