The latest Deloitte report says that distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) will grow in volume and intensity in 2017. Fuelled by the rise of insecure IoT, availability of DDoS-hire services and higher bandwidth speeds allowing compromised devices to generate more illegitimate traffic, DDoS has become especially worrisome to any application-driven business. Since the majority of them cannot manage the ever growing attacks, service providers must take responsibility and prevent the paralysis of a customer’s critical applications and services.

“Flowmon has completely transformed the way we deal with DDoS attacks,” says David George, Network Convergence Consultant at Aspire Technology Solutions. Several months ago, the company looked for a proven anti-DDoS solution when facing large volumetric attacks against networks of its customers. After a thorough market review Flowmon DDoS Defender has been selected to take care of the threat.

“Our customers rely on 100% availability of provided infrastructure. Thanks to Flowmon, DDoS mitigation has gone from being a very manual and time consuming process to being fully automated with effective mitigation in under one minute. After several months of deployment, the frequency of attacks has diminished significantly,” adds David George.

The solution has been selected due to its ability to provide end-to-end DDoS protection including immediate detection, alerting, several mitigation options and comprehensive reporting for post-attack forensics and optimization.

Flowmon is valued, especially by managed service providers and ISPs. Customers value the advanced features, the ability to protect even high-speed 100G networks and support for multi-tenant environments,” explains Frank Dupker, VP Sales EMEA at Flowmon Networks.

With the Defender, administrators have automated DDoS protection in a matter of minutes. The solution is based on a sophisticated self-learning engine leveraging statistics exported by common network devices. It provides a real-time insight into network traffic when no changes in infrastructure are required.


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