Dell Customer Event: Flowmon Enablement Training

23. November 2023, 9.00 a.m. (German time)


  • Overview of Flowmon (Module 1)
  • ADS Deep Dive and Initial Steps (Module 2)
  • Hands On Deployment and Demo (Module 3)

Please prepare yourself for the training in advance.
Download full software from here.

Choose your preferred hypervisor and download the full package as per attached image (see PNG file).

  • Install preferred hypervisor (VMware/HyperV).
  • Deploy image from download and check to see it starts up.
  • Use projector/screen/large TV to view slideware.
  • Get Internet and Email access for registration and license key.


You can attend the training onsite at the Dell office, or participate online from the comfort of your own space. The choice is yours. Please select your preferred option while registering. If you choose to attend online, we've got you covered! We will send you the registration details by email.

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