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Flowmon Traffic Recorder 10.0 – Revolution Continues

New major release of Flowmon Traffic Recorder is now available. Whenever you need to go beyond flow visibility level, Traffic Recorder is here to help with scale from 1G up 100G networks. Version 1...

17/10/18 Packet capture

Defending Networks With "Best of Both Worlds"

More and more organisations are struggling to keep up with the rapid IT developments and the increasing number of attacks. One thing is for sure, neither are going to get any less. That is why it i...

Customer Success Story: When Automation Fails

Almost every vendor, Flowmon included, claims its NPMD solution delivers automation, machine learning, context analytics and other modern features. So, it is easy for admins to handle networks toda...

Continuous packet capture or flow monitoring?

We in Flowmon Networks believe that merging flow and packet level visibility into one versatile solution is the technology that will help us to scale to future performance and capacity needs while ...

13/04/16 Packet capture