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Three Steps to Monitor Cloud Services Usage

Are you using cloud services and don’t know why they are slow or how much data is transferred? The answers are in Flowmon.

Detect ExPetr/Petya wiper

A new malware attack is spreading on the internet and causes big troubles to users and administrators. Find out how Flowmon helps with this recent threat.

DDoS Protection in SDN Based Networking

The efficient out-of-path DDoS detection and mitigation is not always available out of the box in virtual networking such as Contrail. Check this post to see how to generate NetFlow in Juniper Cont...

Hunting Frequent and Dangerous #1: Protection against Pha...

In our previous article we discovered the most common types of cyberattacks. We also learned how they are designed and how they operate. Such understanding helps us build adequate and effective pro...

28/06/17 Security

New Generation of Flowmon Solution Arrives

The new generation of Flowmon solution has arrived. Besides improved solution performance, you can look forward to new and interesting features. Come and find out what is new.

Apply monitoring of AMT attack for your datacenters and u...

The attack to Intel based hardware is still going on via Intel® Active Management Technology.   More than one month known critical vulnerability CVE-2017-5689 (CVSS score 9.8) is not patched full...

14/06/17 Security

Using Behavior Patterns to Detect Rising Threats

We witnessed an unprecedented global outbreak of WannaCry infection last week. Let’s examine how one can detect and minimize the impact of WannaCry as well as other rising threats with the new feat...

17/05/17 Security

Flowmon Sales Training: The Making of

Some people educate themselves because they are personally interested in the topic. For some, education is compulsory while others are just looking for a better qualification. The best way we can s...