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Nail These 6 Encrypted Traffic Cases with Flowmon

There is no doubt SSL/TLS offers major benefits, such as confidentiality and integrity. However, it also creates challenges. For instance, visibility gaps and management overheads. Furthermore, mal...

Introducing flow formats and their differences

There are multiple flow formats. What are the differences? Which are supported by Flowmon? Check the post to see the answers.

10/12/18 Netflow, Flow data

What made us create Distributed Architecture

Developing hyper-scalable network analytics design, called Flowmon Distributed Architecture, was one of the biggest technology challenges we’ve faced to date. What were the drivers behind this reso...

Can Flow Monitoring Work on Encrypted Traffic?

Encrypted traffic is on the rise. It's no longer possible to inspect the content of the communication. What does this mean for network traffic monitoring?

Resource Misuse Detection with Flowmon ADS

An example on how flowmon helps to detect unwanted software running on your network.

Flowmon Traffic Recorder 10.0 – Revolution Continues

New major release of Flowmon Traffic Recorder is now available. Whenever you need to go beyond flow visibility level, Traffic Recorder is here to help with scale from 1G up 100G networks. Version 1...

17/10/18 Packet capture

Customer experience: Deploying Monitoring as a Service in...

Here are some conversations that I am having with increasing regularity after the established need for installing network monitoring and security protection.

Flowmon 10.0 - Where the Revolution Begins

The new major Flowmon release is out. Take a sneak peek into the Flowmon 10.0 revised user interface and the concept of distributed architecture in this article from our CTO, Pavel Minarik.