Spiceworks Recommends Flowmon for Anomaly Detection

The cyber threats faced by organizations are constantly changing. This is due to the ever-expanding attack surface and cybercriminals exploiting new vulnerabilities. Defending against this dynamic threat landscape requires cybersecurity at multiple levels. An intelligent network anomaly detection and network behavior analysis (NBAD) solution is essential to any cybersecurity defense strategy.

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The uptick in new attack vectors, devastating DDoS attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and attack methods bypassing traditional security have changed the IT security landscape. Building strong border protections and relying on signature-based solutions is not sufficient. Only a detailed awareness of network behavior over time and rapid notification of any suspicious changes can give cybersecurity teams the information they need to combat cybersecurity threats. This is what Flowmon delivers, making it one of the anomaly detection solutions recommended by Spiceworks.

What Features Should an NBAD solution Have?

Network behavior anomaly detection tools learn typical network activity patterns over time and scan network behavior in real-time to spot any anomalies or deviations from this base. They integrate with network detection and response (NDR) and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions to enable rapid response and mitigation of any threats detected.

Different types of network traffic packets have unique signatures that can be read and analyzed by NBAD tools. Organizations can map normal traffic behaviors over time, and any deviations from this regular traffic gets flagged as an anomaly. The intelligence built into Flowmon’s solutions filters out noise in the signal to reduce false positives. This reduces the time cybersecurity teams need to spend analyzing events that are not a threat and gives them more time to focus on real threats.

An NBAD solution that is going to be effective needs to deliver these five core areas of functionality at a minimum:

  1. Continuous network monitoring: Cyberattacks occur 24x7, and attackers don’t follow the office hours in your time zone. Many attacks come from time zones active during nighttime in Europe and the USA. This means that anomaly detection solutions (ADS) and responses must be continuous. It also means that the ADS needs to know about differing network traffic behavior patterns throughout the day.

  2. Analysis of encrypted traffic: All data in transit over a network should be encrypted. The NBAD solution should be able to securely decrypt traffic to inspect packet flows for threats and other risk indicators. Without putting a performance overhead on user access to applications or data.

  3. Details awareness of network behavior: Simply reporting abnormal behavior isn’t enough. The NBAD solution needs to be aware of threats and alert and report to cybersecurity teams details of the anomaly, the likely threat vector, and what mitigations responses are applicable. Cybersecurity frameworks such as the MITRE ATT&CK Framework are often employed to structure alerts in easy-to-understand ways.

  4. Real-time alerts: Rapid response is vital to counter cybersecurity threats. This is especially true for attacks like ransomware that look to spread and encrypt many network devices. Getting prompt notification of abnormal activity on the network allows infected systems to be isolated to stop the spread of an attack.

  5. Built-in response or connections to response systems: Leading on from rapid alerting is the need to trigger a rapid response. The NBAD solution should have a built-in response or should integrate with third-party NDR or SIEM systems to allow quick response to stop emerging attacks in their tracks.

The Spiceworks View on Flowmon ADS

The Spiceworks review of industry leading NBAD solutions had this to say about Flowmon.

Unique selling point: [Flowmon NBAD] has features designed for insider threat detection through network behavior analysis, such as machine learning (ML), heuristics, and reputation databases, in addition to signature-based detection.

They went on to report that Flowmon is exceptionally feature-rich and relies on cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and ML.

Using the five must-have features in the previous section, they reported how Flowmon delivered on each as follows (text quoted from the Spiceworks article):

  1. Continuous network monitoring: It continuously monitors network behavior and events such as the addition of new devices, query volumes, data uploads, etc.
  2. Analysis of encrypted traffic: To analyze encrypted traffic, it uses passive probes and enriches traffic metadata with multi-layer protocol information.
  3. Detailed awareness of network behavior: It provides detailed awareness on botnets, potential malware, insider threats, data leakage, etc., based on network activity.
  4. Real-time alerts: It automatically detects anomalies and sends alerts to other security solution like SIEM.
  5. Built-in or integrated response systems: It uses a security operations center (SOC) triad approach to connect the SIEM, NDR, and endpoint protection systems.

Learn more about Flowmon Solutions

You can read more about Flowmon NBAD on our Network Anomaly Detection and Network Behavior Analysis page. The core security product Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (Flowmon ADS) is detailed further on this page.

You can chat with us via your Progress Flowmon contact or by using our Contact page to get more info, a demo, or a free trial of Flowmon so you can quickly see how it will make your network monitoring easier and more effective.