Monitor Bandwidth, Troubleshoot Quickly & Stay Connected

Bandwidth monitoring with Flowmon allows you to see exactly who is consuming company bandwidth when an anomalous traffic spike occurs, and automate steps to prevent it from happening in the future. Get details such as the root cause of the anomaly, the device responsible for the traffic increase, protocols and services involved, and many more.
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See the root cause of performance issues and resolve them promptly

  • Monitoring and analysis of enterprise network bandwidth performance and traffic patterns
  • Real-time and historical bandwidth usage data, identification of top talkers, comprehensive reporting
  • Filtering tools for bandwidth usage by IPs, protocols, VLAN or MPLS tags, users, applications, etc.
  • Lightweight, flow-based solution delivering a high level of detail at the industry’s top price/performance ratio

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Bandwidth monitoring with Flowmon

Leverage all the details to stay always connected

Flowmon provides customizable reports to monitor bandwidth, including TopN statistics (e.g. top N downloaders), and includes options to search for specific bandwidth usage details based on IP address, hostname, protocol, VLAN or MPLS tags, username, and more. Administrators are kept informed by a set of regular reports or via instant email alerts when a specified threshold is exceeded. What's more, in case of incident Flowmon can perform automated actions using standard integration mechanisms (syslog, SNMP trap) or by a user-defined one.

Flow-based bandwidth monitoring vs SNMP

SNMP tells you that you might need more bandwidth, but that is all. You have no way of knowing that, for instance, the bandwidth is being abused and by which end system. NetFlow or sFlow reporting delivers details that allow you to determine exactly which element is causing the problem. It is much like a packet analyzer but with much less data to handle.

Scalability, versatility and performance in one network monitoring tool

Flowmon is a comprehensive NPMD solution (bandwidth monitoring including) with the most powerful NetFlow/IPFIX data exporter available.

Time efficient

Reduce the time needed to identify bandwidth bottlenecks from hours to seconds.

Visualize bandwidth

Understand bandwidth usage via dashboards and visualization, get alerts on degradations.

Cross-environment visibility

Performance monitoring and diagnostics across on-premise, edge, and cloud.

"Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility we previously lacked. Now we can identify the causes of network issues easier than ever before." Flowmon answered SEGA's requirements for a high-quality solution for deep insight and fast troubleshooting of network traffic from multiple branches and facilities.

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