Flowmon & F5 chrání ISP proti DDoS útokům

Flowmon Networks and F5 Networks have joint forces to protect Service Providers and their enterprises customers against DDoS attacks. The integration of Flowmon’s fast flow-based DDoS detection with F5 Networks’ out-of-band mitigation solution provides timely and effective protection for service providers and their customers.

Protection of high-speed networks and successful mitigation of DDoS attacks, are the key external challenges faced by today’s ISPs and backbone operators. If a DDoS attack is successful, then the internet pipes are saturated causing bandwidth starvation leading to service degradation and eventually, service disruption for the enterprise customers. This is unacceptable for service providers. Flowmon DDoS Defender together with F5® BIG-IP® Advanced Firewall Manager™ (AFM) can detect such volumetric DDoS attacks and help with subsequent mitigation.

With the integration, Flowmon DDoS Defender provides the option to select F5 BIG-IP mitigation solution option in dropdown menu. Flowmon then automatically redirects traffic via BGP and configures F5 device: virtual server (network segment under the attack) and DDoS profile (set of rules and thresholds how to mitigate the attack). 

Join the webinar session with Lubos Lunter, Product Manager at Flowmon Networks and Bernd Kunze, Solutions Architect Service Providers at F5. Explore the seamless integration, see the joint solution in the action and discuss deployment scenarios. 

Date: November 2nd 2017, 2:00 pm CET (9:00 am EDT).

Webinar is held in English.