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Facing the bandwidth explosion, visibility gaps caused by cloud, IoT and SDN, packet capture solutions struggle to bring the expected results promptly and at a reasonable price. Flowmon overcomes packet capture limitations, bringing real-time network monitoring, outstanding scalability and performance. Benefit from previously unseen granularity of Enriched Flow Data and transform legacy network monitoring to meet your future needs.

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Flow is 500x more scalable than packet analysis
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100G performance is not an obstacle
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Comparable level of detail for a fraction of the price
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Flow is suitable for heterogenous environments (physical, virtual, cloud, SDN, ...)
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Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility we previously lacked. Now we can identify the causes of network issues easier than ever before.
Masahiro Sato
Masahiro Sato
We've markedly accelerated and streamlined the administration of our network. At every moment we know what is happening and we can immediately respond to specific situations.
Peter Sterbak
Peter Sterbak
Director of IT, AEGON
Flowmon gives KBC with its Flow based Network Performance Monitoring tool a great overview of the dataflow metrics in the network so that the network health can be easily assessed. In case of an issue the tool allows very fast and efficient troubleshooting by visualize the traffic that is causing the problem.
Marc Daemen
Marc Daemen
Senior Systems Engineer, KBC

Enriched Flow Data
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Enriched Flow Data vs Packet Capture

  • placeholder
  • Product and implementation costs
  • Scalability
  • Expected deployment
  • Data retention
  • Time-to-value
  • Mean-time-to-resolve
  • Data granularity
  • Primary use cases
  • Encrypted traffic
  • VA/Cloud ready
  • Packet Analysis
  • $100 000+
  • GB to dozens GB
  • Top critical systems
  • Hours to days
  • Hours
  • Minutes to hours
  • Full packet traces
  • Forensics
  • Ineffective
  • Limited
  • Enriched Flow data
  • $20 000+
  • Multi-hundred GB
  • Entire network
  • Weeks to months
  • Minutes to hours
  • Seconds to minutes
  • Metadata and L7 for critical protocols
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Resistant
  • Full support
  • Storage requirements
    for Flow vs. Packet Analysis
  • 1 minute
  • 1 hour
  • 1 day
  • Packet Analysis
  • 75 GB
  • 4 500 GB
  • 108 000 GB
  • Flow monitoring
  • 0,15 GB
  • 9 GB
  • 216 GB
This indicative calculation is based on a scenario where there is 10Gb/s of monitored traffic.

Are you interested in Enriched Flow Data monitoring?
Technical Reading: How to transform your network operations with flow data
Technical Reading: How to transform your network operations with flow data
Learn more about the technical background of Flowmon Enriched Flow Data technology, which enables you to resolve 95% of all troubleshooting cases. Together with on-demand packet capture, Flowmon is an all-in-one platform to successfully monitor and manage your network.
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  • Substantial reduction in your network’s operating costs
  • Quick deployment and ease-of-use for the maximum ROI
  • Based on an Enriched Flow Data engine
  • Deep insight for incident handling and network planning
  • Full compatibility protecting past investments, no additional costs needed
  • Outstanding scalability for high-speed networks and heterogeneous environments
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Artur Kane
Artur Kane
Flow Monitoring Expert