IT Security Trends 2016

Let us invite you to the IT Security Trends 2016 conference. We are very excited about this conference happening in IBM premises on the 10th of June 2016.

What to expect? Agenda:

IT Security 2016 Roadmap by IBM & Flowmon
Presenters: Ondrej Burian (IBM) & Artur Kane (Flowmon)
Topics: What are the latest trends at IT security for 2016? What Czech clients demand now and possible solution for them?
#IBM #QRadar #Flowmon #NetFlow

Privacy and digital identity protection using modern cryptography
Presenter: Ing, Jan Hajny PhD.
Abstract: The presentation is focused on modern cryptographic systems for the protection of electronic identity and users’ privacy, particularly on the cryptographic attribute-based credentials. New trends in cryptographic protocol design as well as implementation aspects concerning tamper-resistant devices, mainly smart-cards, are covered.
#Security #Cryptography #AccessControl #Authentication #Privacy

Network Stress and (D)DoS Testing
Ing. Lukas Malina PhD.
Abstract: The presentation deals with stress and DoS/DDoS (Distribute Denial of Service) testing. Some recent DDoS protection solutions are discussed and a basic approach for stress and DDoS testing is outlined. Further, the presentation contains the assessment of the chosen software and hardware DDoS testers in various testing scenarios. The lecture also introduces our software stress and DoS tester that can run on common hardware components, e.g. a server with Linux OS.
#Security #NetworkSecurity #Networks #Testing