Flowmon a Ixia společně pro viditelnost a analýzu síťového provozu

Benefit from Flowmon&Ixia synergy, where Ixia turns packets into flow data and Flowmon provides analytics and poweful NPMD tools. Flowmon provides a network, anomaly, and security analytics solution, leveraging flow data, which helps enable a fast, reliable and well secured network for any organization. Ixia Network Visibility Solution (NVS) complements Flowmon by generating enriched flow data (IxFlow) from across the data center and sending it to Flowmon for analysis. 

Our guest, Paulo Rebelo (Director of Business Development at Ixia) will introduce Ixia Network Visibility Solution (NVS), combined with the Flowmon network, anomaly and security analytics solution ensuring a reliable and secure network for any organization. Webinar is hosted by Lubos Lunter (Product manager at Flowmon Networks) who will discuss with Paulo how to efficiently get access to all data needed for analysis and how to collect "enriched" flow (IxFlow) data without the need for standalone probes. 

Join our webinar on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017.
We are starting at 2PM (CEST).  

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